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Woohoo Sustainable Salons Australia

you are part of the solution

We thank you!

Now when you visit our salon, you will be supporting our commitment to :

  • Reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Achieve zero waste.
  • Support charitable causes.
  • Implement environmental sustainable practices.

What does this mean for you?

  • Your cut off hair will support oil spill clean up projects, local community gardens & wig making services.
  • All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon’s metals such as foil & colour tubes will be donated to OzHarvest, who do a killer job helping others every day.
  • Any left over hair colour will be recycled into new liquids for beauty products.
  • Once our tools reach their end of life they will be broken down and be re-purposed

Woohoo Salon will now keep 95% of our waste from landfill.

If you would like to know more

Check out Sustainable Salons Australia

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Posted by Brett, June 3rd 2015.
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