Supreme Keratin



The Complete Hair Smoothing System

Woohoo have been long time partners with Schwarzkopf Professional Australia. When we first read the above title, we will freely admit to being sceptical. If you are one of the 89% of  female clients who struggle with frizz, damage, unruly waves and curls as well as unmanageable thickness you know the feeling of product disappointment. You must have tried everything to achieve that deeply desired “smooth finish”.

Our scepticism was quickly replaced with excitement and, wait for it…… AMAZEMENT!

Trialled  by the team first, we were tough critics. Supreme Keratin was used on Frizzy, curly, wavy, even damaged, coloured & bleached hair. The result each time was  soft, manageable, smooth and shiny hair. We were truly, a bunch of happy little hairdressers, competing with each other for the softest hair title.

Stop! now imagine running your fingers through your hair. There are no knots, it doesn’t pull. Your hair is soft to touch. You open your eyes, to find your hair smooth and shiny.  How do you feel?

You feel delighted.

SUPREME KERATIN regenerates porous and damaged hair, replenishing the hair structure to promote vital and healthy looking hair, resurfacing the cuticle layers in order to tame and smooth unruly, frizzy hair and to enhance shine. This creates durable re-shaping of the hair to improve manageability.

Your hair will be much easier and faster to style every day.

You now have choice. With the removal of frizz, you can choose to wear your hair smooth, wavy or curly. Each will be long lasting and feel glamorous.

Schwarzkopf Professional Australia have introduced one solution to all your problems!


Smooth, frizz free hair. Woohoo Salon


Frizzy hair, with no shine


Women needing a long-lasting frizz reduction, smooth & conditioned hair for easy styling.





Glamorous and healthy hair. Woohoo Salon



Bleached, damaged hair


Women longing for permanently glamorous, & healthy looking hair, although chemically treated or damaged.



Easy natural hair in less time. Woohoo Salon




Hard to manage curls & volume


Women wishing their hair to be styled with ease & in less time without losing their natural curls or waves.



Smooth hair. Shiny Hair. Glossy Hair. Woohoo Salon



SUPREME KERATIN Smooth Extending Shampoo removes any unnecessary Keratin Infusion coating and rebalances the pH of the hair. The Conditioning Gloss Mask with Hydro-Keratin Complex seals the cuticle for a long-lasting smoothing effect which lasts for up to twelve weeks.  Boost Shine Drops Serum smooths and reveals shine of the hair.



Now! All this information does not give you frizz free, shiny and glamorous hair. Take some action.

Ask about Supreme Keratin at your next appointment or make a special visit, you will be AMAZED!

We love to talk hair! Do you have a question? Ask us here

Let us help you love your hair xoxo









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Posted by Brett, June 4th 2014.

ghd White Eclipse

ghd White Eclipse

Woohoo Salon White Eclipse ghd


The  ghd eclipse™ uses the optimum heat of 185°C to deliver the best and fastest results.

New tri-zone™ technology also uses three quick-thinking sensors on each plate to ensure there is no loss of heat during styling, creating long lasting gloss and unbeatable shine.

You can now style faster with less heat!

Join the style revolution.



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Posted by Brett, June 3rd 2014.


Woohoo Salon KEVIN.MURPHY Plumbpin Range


The newest line to join the KEVIN.MURPHY range is PLUMPING, consisting of PLUMPING.WASH, PLUMPING.RINSE and BODY.MASS.

It has the team excited!

Kevin explains development of  the product best.

“The PLUMPING line became a reality because of all the successes I had seen with eyelash thickening and lengthening products. The results I saw were quite astonishing because it actually works.  This technology was the inspiration for the line but I also looked at the successes that were being achieved with these types of men’s products as well. I then realised that there was nothing truly feminine on the market that helped women both on an emotional level and a therapeutic level”

The PLUMPING line will take 14 days to kick in so keep it up at first to get the microcirculation going in the scalp. Some people will see the results within 14 to 30 days. The aim of the products is to lengthen the growing phase of the hair, which will in turn lessen the falling or resting phase. The result is more growing hairs per head resulting in thicker, fuller hair.


What they say:

It has clinical proven data but is easy to use, decidedly feminine and with a simple application.

The PLUMPING.WASH prepares the hair by gently exfoliating the scalp and improving circulation with the help from sugar Cane, Nettle and Ginger Root Extracts.

The RINSE plumps the hair and adds density via the ingredients Rice Proteins & Rice Amino Acids

The fragrance contains White Florals, Orchid Extracts and Citrus extracts, making it feel fresh, invigorating, but still sweet and feminine.

The BODY.MASS can be used with the PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE but it also can be integrated into any WASH and RINSE regime.

If you have thinning hair, the PLUMPING.LINE will add body and density.


Watch the man himself talk abut the new product.

Do you have a question? We can talk hair here at our Questions and Advice page, or ask your stylist if the PLUMPING.LINE is right for you.

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Posted by Brett, May 16th 2014.



Advanced scalp and hair concentrate.

A perfect future for the beauty of your hair.

Woohoo Salon Kerastase


With INITIALISTE, revealing a more beautiful hair fibre is now possible.

- Visible results within 7 days.
Hair feels thicker and fuller to touch.
Hair has more shine and elasticity.

- Within 1 month
Reduces hair breakage by 93%*.
Hair quality is significantly improved.
Hair is stronger from the root.

*Reduction of 93% of hair breakage with the application of a Kérastase Bath and Initialiste compared to the application of a Kérastase Bath only.


- After the recommended Kérastase bath and care, apply Initialiste to clean towel-dried hair. 2 pipettes for fine hair, 3-4 pipettes for thick hair.
- Distribute evenly throughout the scalp. Gently massage scalp with fingertips using circular movements. Leave-in formula.


Located in the deepest layers of the skin and the hair follicle, stem cells are a powerful source of growth and regeneration. A result of 24 years of research and 10 publications, Initialiste is a revolutionary formulation based on stem cell research and plant-based biotechnology.

Watch this to see the benefits of Initialiste.


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Posted by Brett, June 20th 2013.

“2013 Hair Expo Winners of Excellence in Salon Marketing”

“Marketing is a promise”

Woohoo Salon Hair Expo 2013







WOOHOO! Kirstie, Brett & the Woohoo team have been awarded the winners of Hair Expo Excellence in Salon Marketing for 2013. Pictured above with award presenter Paul Foote.

This has been a long term team goal, and we are thrilled to be recognised amongst our peers as the winners. Marketing is a promise that we make to our clients, and we can’t make these promises without total confidence in our team and thier delivery of our salon services to you. So to our clients and fans, thank you for your trust, without you allowing us to to cut, colour and style away, we have no purpose. You provide us with the opportunity to shine. We are dedicated to your hair and providing you with an experience that always leaves you feeling beautiful, fashionable and cared for.

CULTUREMAG captured our winning moment. Click here and look for us 36sec in.


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Posted by Brett, June 20th 2013.

ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013 Glam Chic



A new mood emerged on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways, as certain designers opted for a mix of boudoir styling combined with seductive glamour.

Woohoo Salon ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013

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Posted by Brett, June 20th 2013.

ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013 Electric Youth



The cool kids who everyone talks about and in this new seasonal trend section we pay homage to these ever present anti fashion style rebels

Woohoo Salon Schwarzkopf ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013





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Posted by Brett, June 20th 2013.

ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013 White Angels



Following on from last seasons Oriental Express direction, this season Schwarzkopf Professional specifically focuses on all things Japanese, drawing inspiration from the simple yet rigorous lines of the kimono and the traditional art of origami.

Woohoo Salon SchwarzkopfESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013

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Posted by Brett, June 20th 2013.

ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013 Mono Mods



A large number of designers were still influenced by the 1960′s vibe which shows no sign of abating in 2013.

Woohoo Salon Schwarzkopf ESSENTIAL LOOKS 1:2013

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Posted by Brett, June 20th 2013.

Say THANK YOU with Woohoo xoxo

Woohoo Retail Sale 3013

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Posted by Brett, May 6th 2013.
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