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Woohoo Sustainable Salons Australia

you are part of the solution

We thank you!

Now when you visit our salon, you will be supporting our commitment to :

  • Reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Achieve zero waste.
  • Support charitable causes.
  • Implement environmental sustainable practices.

What does this mean for you?

  • Your cut off hair will support oil spill clean up projects, local community gardens & wig making services.
  • All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon’s metals such as foil & colour tubes will be donated to OzHarvest, who do a killer job helping others every day.
  • Any left over hair colour will be recycled into new liquids for beauty products.
  • Once our tools reach their end of life they will be broken down and be re-purposed

Woohoo Salon will now keep 95% of our waste from landfill.

If you would like to know more

Check out Sustainable Salons Australia

Are you more visulal? Take the time to watch this

Do you want to talk hair? Let’s talk here



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Posted by Brett, June 3rd 2015.

Rebooking Winner April

Woohoo Salon Review


{Gift Me}

Congratulations to Nicole Fraser our April winner.

Nicole has won a $150 Woohoo Salon Gift Card for making her hair apriority & booking ahead.

YOU have a chance this month!

Ask your stylist to make sure you are entered.


Rebook at Woohoo Salon


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Posted by Brett, May 1st 2015.

Taylor Swift – Full Bangs

Woohoo Salon Style Review

 Taylor Brings Back The Bangs


Taylor Swift has brought back her heavy bangs. They look fantastic!

While she has had bangs since way back in 2012, since February last year, she has mostly been seen wearing them soft and side-swept.

We believe your hair is the key to presenting your unique style to the world. Can you see how Taylor has changed from soft and glamorous to cool rocker chick?  We can and we like it.

Making small changes can have big impact.

Woohoo Salon - Full Bangs

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Posted by Brett, April 10th 2015.

Refresh Dust

Woohoo Salon Product Review


What they say:

‘OSiS+ Refresh Dust can be used either to refresh hair in between shampoos, or to instantly add more volume, grip and structure to hair before styling – making it a beauty essential for stylists and style-conscious women alike! 

OSiS+ Refresh Dust bodyfying dry shampoo by Schwarzkopf Professional is ultra-fine, allowing the powder to be sprayed and distributed evenly for ease of use. Hair is given incredible volume, stays fresh for longer and styling becomes a breeze. The exceptionally fine powder and pleasantly fresh fragrance of OSiS+ Refresh Dust delivers optimized results.’ - Schwarzkopf


Woohoo Salon - Refresh Dust

What we say:

This is an amazing product, that offers more then just dry shampoo.

The first feature you want from any dry shampoo is to absorb oil, leaving your hair  to look like it has been washed.  Refresh Dust does this incredibly well.

Refresh Dust will leave a slight white film on your hair, but it will brush out. We recommend short bursts.

Volume! You will be amazed at the volume you will get. Refresh Dust will also give your hair enough texture to keep it looking fresh all day. The weight of your hair will cause it to droop as the day goes on, but it will only take a little finger brush to revive it to its voluminous glory.

Are you a fan of dry shampoo? Ask us any questions here, or have a try next time you are in.





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Posted by Brett, April 10th 2015.


Woohoo Salon Product Review


An oil free volumiser and texturiser to create bigger, thicker hair instantly. Helps hold your style whether it is curled or blown out. Adds control to flyaway hair with an oil free shine.

How to use: Apply to damp hair before styling

Benefits: Increases body, Adds shine, Paraben free, Long lasting, weightless hold, Antioxidant rich, Controls fly-aways

Woohoo Salon Styling - Anti Gravity

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Posted by Brett, April 8th 2015.

Change it up!

Woohoo Salon Style Review

Change it up!

We have entered a new season. While we are not excited by the cold change we will have here in Australia, we are excited by the change this season will inspire around the world. As always, we are talking hair. This month will see lots of celebrities debuting new looks.

2015 has produced some beautiful changes already. The most recent to pop up,  on instagram was Julianne Hough. Whats not to love about pink?

Katy Perry chose the complete opposite direction, but created as much impact.

January Jones has been making a gradual change to red. This result compliments her complextion beautifully.

Are you thinking of a change? We would love to help.

Need some advice? Ask us here


Woohoo Salon 2015 colour changes

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Posted by Brett, April 8th 2015.

Woohoo Salon Style Review

Free Formed Fringe

In 2015 we are saying “Goodbye” to the blunt fringe.

Achieve a softer, sliced and more natural overall look with a free formed fringe.

This will look great with slightly wavy hair.

Have a look at it here.  Woohoo Salon Style Icon, Alexa Chung.



Woohoo Salon -Alexa-Chung-sweeping-fringe

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Posted by Brett, April 2nd 2015.



Woohoo Salon Style Review





Woohoo Style Review

In 2011 there was a show of grey beehived models on the catwalk, courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier. Since then there has been a a string of celebrities experimenting with the look.  Late last year Kylie Jenner received a lot of attention for  her grey hue.

This year #grannyhair has taken over instagram.

Here is a trend that challenges the notion that only youthful looks  can be beautiful. We like it.

To achieve this look will require some planning and time. Book in for a consultation and we will see if there is a little ‘silver fox’  in you.


Woohoo Salon Style Review- granny hair





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Posted by Brett, April 1st 2015.

Night Rider

   Woohoo Salon Product Review



Provides a tough hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks. This product has the advantage of being easy to get from the jar and sets on contact. It gives you a little time to work the look then it sets.

How to use: Rub a small amount between palms and distribute evenly through damp or dry hair.

Benefits: Strong hold, Matte texture, Paraben free.

Advice:  Ask here


Woohoo Salon Night Rider

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Posted by Brett, March 31st 2015.

Colour Specialists

The best hair colour for you.

Woohoo Salon Colour Specialists











Lily Allen  was our pick for best colour last month. At a time when bright hair is everywhere, how do you choose to stand out? Make sure you are noticed for the right reason.

Bright and bold is on trend. Purple, pink, blue, green and Neon colours have moved from the rock stage and high fashion world. We receive requests daily for pastel and bright hair colours, from all ages and all working fields. We LOVE this!

There has been a shift in what “society” deems as mainstream.

Once upon a time, you would wait a whole week, for your favourite magazine to inform you,” who is hot”,” who wore it best” and “where to get it”.

Today, media culture updates every minute. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & pinterest fills our days and for those that admit it, their nights.

Think Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Niki Minaj. Would they be as popular, without their style choice. They certainly wouldn’t be as visible.

If the above are not on your radar, think back to last years BAFTAs when Helen Mirren wowed everyone with her pink hair.

Still not with us? We rest our case with Jessica Rowe.

Because your favourite, singer, celebrity or news reader does it, should you too?


But do so wisely.

When choosing the best colour for you, bright or not, always consider:

  • Skin tone.
  • Eye colour.
  • Shade of colour.

The Woohoo Team are colour specialists. Dedicated to helping choose and creating the best colour for you.

TIP: Play with your make up. If the colour doesn’t look good on your skin, it is a good indication that it will not look good in your hair.


Woohoo Salon Signature




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Posted by Brett, August 4th 2014.
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