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Woohoo Salon Product Review


What they say:

‘OSiS+ Refresh Dust can be used either to refresh hair in between shampoos, or to instantly add more volume, grip and structure to hair before styling – making it a beauty essential for stylists and style-conscious women alike! 

OSiS+ Refresh Dust bodyfying dry shampoo by Schwarzkopf Professional is ultra-fine, allowing the powder to be sprayed and distributed evenly for ease of use. Hair is given incredible volume, stays fresh for longer and styling becomes a breeze. The exceptionally fine powder and pleasantly fresh fragrance of OSiS+ Refresh Dust delivers optimized results.’ - Schwarzkopf


Woohoo Salon - Refresh Dust

What we say:

This is an amazing product, that offers more then just dry shampoo.

The first feature you want from any dry shampoo is to absorb oil, leaving your hair  to look like it has been washed.  Refresh Dust does this incredibly well.

Refresh Dust will leave a slight white film on your hair, but it will brush out. We recommend short bursts.

Volume! You will be amazed at the volume you will get. Refresh Dust will also give your hair enough texture to keep it looking fresh all day. The weight of your hair will cause it to droop as the day goes on, but it will only take a little finger brush to revive it to its voluminous glory.

Are you a fan of dry shampoo? Ask us any questions here, or have a try next time you are in.





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Posted by Brett, April 10th 2015.
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