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Lily AllenĀ  was our pick for best colour last month. At a time when bright hair is everywhere, how do you choose to stand out? Make sure you are noticed for the right reason.

Bright and bold is on trend. Purple, pink, blue, green and Neon colours have moved from the rock stage and high fashion world. We receive requests daily for pastel and bright hair colours, from all ages and all working fields. We LOVE this!

There has been a shift in what “society” deems as mainstream.

Once upon a time, you would wait a whole week, for your favourite magazine to inform you,” who is hot”,” who wore it best” and “where to get it”.

Today, media culture updates every minute. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & pinterest fills our days and for those that admit it, their nights.

Think Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Niki Minaj. Would they be as popular, without their style choice. They certainly wouldn’t be as visible.

If the above are not on your radar, think back to last years BAFTAs when Helen Mirren wowed everyone with her pink hair.

Still not with us? We rest our case with Jessica Rowe.

Because your favourite, singer, celebrity or news reader does it, should you too?


But do so wisely.

When choosing the best colour for you, bright or not, always consider:

  • Skin tone.
  • Eye colour.
  • Shade of colour.

The Woohoo Team are colour specialists. Dedicated to helping choose and creating the best colour for you.

TIP: Play with your make up. If the colour doesn’t look good on your skin, it is a good indication that it will not look good in your hair.


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Posted by Brett, August 4th 2014.
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