Change it up!

Woohoo Salon Style Review

Change it up!

We have entered a new season. While we are not excited by the cold change we will have here in Australia, we are excited by the change this season will inspire around the world. As always, we are talking hair. This month will see lots of celebrities debuting new looks.

2015 has produced some beautiful changes already. The most recent to pop up,  on instagram was Julianne Hough. Whats not to love about pink?

Katy Perry chose the complete opposite direction, but created as much impact.

January Jones has been making a gradual change to red. This result compliments her complextion beautifully.

Are you thinking of a change? We would love to help.

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Woohoo Salon 2015 colour changes

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Posted by Brett, April 8th 2015.
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